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Steel struture tents covered with tarpaulin

Industrial Tents

Industrial tents are some of the most widely used search terms when seeking warehousing storage, temporary retail space, and extensions to manufacturing processes or workshops

Event Tents

Aluminium tent house sections play a crucial role in the construction of sturdy and reliable tents for various events and outdoor activities.

Airplane Hangars

Hangars used as garage for small size Airplane, Passenger and baggage terminals, Aircraft repair and maintenance..

Sport Tents

Steel structure Tent used as Sport Courts like Basketball courts Volley ball tennis Courts..

Semi Circle Tent

Semi Circle Tents are used as Storage as well in Farms or For Military tents for first aid…

Storage Tents

Tent storage uses include using it as a garden storage shed, a work tent, as a shelter for your vehicles or machinery, or as a utility tent at a sports club or camp site.